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Adverse Childhood Experiences



Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are associated with long-term health issues, mental health disorders, and substance abuse during youth and adulthood. Additionally, ACEs can affect education, career prospects, and income potential negatively. The good news is that the impact of ACEs can be mitigated by Relational Connection.

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Begin with the most Vunerable

Foster & Adoptive Families by nature have children with higher number of ACEs and more sensitive nervous systems.


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Expand to Prevention

Reach just beginning & under resourced families at all levels of ACEs to prevent future ACEs and provide resilience to toxic stress.

Equip the Community

Target Churches, Business, Agencies, Schools, & Medical Providers with training and supports.

The Method


Known & Loved aims to offer education and support that facilitate relational connection for individuals, families, and communities. Through an attachment-based neuroscience approach, our goal is to promote felt safety, connection, and regulation in all our endeavors.


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The Mission


Building Stronger Families & Communities with Connection through Support & Education

-providing knowledge, experiences, tools, and supports that bring repair and resilience in relationships and communities that contribute to improved life long health outcomes.

The Destination



For Upstate South Carolina to see dramatic levels of HEALING

as NEEDS are met at the

Deepest level through


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The Impact



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Children directly participated in our


camps & classes

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Parents & Adults

86 Parents & Adults participated in our classes, training, & support groups

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75 individuals who are apart of the community (churches, agencies, and people who work with children)



85 Families Served

46% of families engage in more than one program

This is what sisterhood is all about

Known & Loved does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or age in any of its activities or programs.

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