The longest running study on human happiness, conducted by Harvard has established a strong correlation between deep relationships and well-being. This study truly shows the core need of every human is CONNECTION! In todays world, meaningful connections are few and far between the busyness and demands of the 21st century. We often struggle to even know how to connect or know how to repair after a disconnection. Known & Loved exist to help facilitate the essential connections that ALL humans need! Give the Gift of Connection today to a child, a single mom, a struggling parent, a teacher, an adopted teen...Help a community organization learn how to be a safer place for those who are hurting. We never want money to be a barrier to what we have to offer. It is through your donations and gifts that we are able to offer our programs at reduced cost and scholarship those in need.

What you gift Covers...

$25.00 covers materials for an five week class for a parent or child

$50.00 covers one class for a parent or child

$75.00 covers a day of camp for a child

$100.00 covers a community member training class for a teacher or others working with children from hard places

$250.00 covers an entire five week class for a parent or child

$375.00 covers a week of camp for a child

$500.00 covers a week of family camp for an entire family

We are blessed to have a partnership with Fellowship Greenville Church, serving as our fiscal sponsors. The entirety of your contributions and donations made on our website are tax deductible and go toward our organization and are utilized for our courses, groups, and camps that serve Upstate families.

Corporate Sponsorships

We express our gratitude to corporate sponsors through promotional materials for our events and website. Tribe 513 members (Parkside Pediatrics, Brio Primary Care, Parkside Ob/Gyn, Parkside Family Medicines) as part of our founding board, acknowledge sponsors on Tribe 513 related social media pages. Moreover, sponsors receive gift passes and priority class registration to offer their employees. For further details on partnering opportunities, contact us at

Other Ways to Support Us

Connection lies at the core of every individual, and Known & Loved thrives due to the generosity of those who contribute their time, skills, and presence. Visit the JOIN Us page for details on volunteer roles, activity resources, and more!

 Giving Another Person a Red Heart

At the end of life it is not the amount of material positions we count,

but those with whom we made Connection.

This is what sisterhood is all about

Known & Loved does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or age in any of its activities or programs.

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Upstate South Carolina

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